Thank you everyone who donated. Donations are now closed.

Our Supporters

These are the people that have donated their time and services to get Pixels For Christchurch up and running. It's been an inspiring collaboration, that has brought together many of Kiel McNaughton's immediate and extended family, as well as a network of committed companies.

Kiel McNaughton

Kiel McNaughton

Kiel brought together the team of people that created Pixels For Christchurch, and has had his hand in every part of the appeal.

Isaac McNaughton

Isaac McNaughton

Kiel's brother Isaac has been the brains behind the website and Facebook integration. Hours of work went into making this an engaging online experience.

Warwick McNaughton

Warwick McNaughton

Kiel's Dad and all around great guy. Warwick brings his 30 years experience as a Governance Support Manager for the Manukau and Auckland Council, as well as the chair of the Board of Trustees for the Pixels For Christchurch Charity.

Shane Hansen

Shane Hansen

A cousin to Kiel and Isaac, Shane's artwork is the heart of this project and what brings us all together to raise money for Christchurch families.
Johnson McKay

Johnson McKay

Director of Fly Creative and married to Shane's sister. He's managed the creative process, which has resulted in the Pixels For Christchurch Appeal, web design, animated movie and PR.
Leanne Molloy

Leanne Molloy

Leanne is an extended family member and has designed the Pixels For Christchurch brand and website design. Beautiful work from a beautiful person.

TelstraClear were our first sponsor to come on board and provide necessary funding, social media expertise and networks to share the Pixels For Christchurch story.

YOOBEE are all about community and they brought their considerable expertise to assist us launch Pixels For Christchurch and spread the word through their creative community.

Tan, Creative Director at Desaign put in hundreds of hours collaborating on the video with Brown Sugar Apple Grunt and Fly Creative. Their talent brought the Pixels story to life, in 3D.

The team at Adaptiv have been instrumental in providing the development tools used to build the Pixels For Christchurch website, and providing infrastructure and expertise to host the website.
Payment Express

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AS Colour

Lawrence Railton at AS Colour has been a great support, providing a heap of their beautiful t-shirts to give away throughout the appeal. Their range of blank apparel is the best on the market, with a wide range of fashion colors and sweet as fits. Retailing in all the right places and online at
Embroidery Works

Thanks to Embroidery Works for doing the printing for free. We appreciate it.

Drew at Spectrum for shooting the animated movie

CineStuff for providing lighting and equipment for the animated movie

Rachael at South Pacific Pictures For PR support and equipment for the animated movie

Thank you everyone who donated. Donations are now closed
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